We don’t have a catchy name like the Fire to have a play on words, but it doesn’t need to as the new Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet aims to do all the talking itself and start its own fire. Today at the NYC event B&N unveiled their newest 7″ Android tablet, some might still want to call it an e-reader although its more of a consumption device and tablet than anything. This tablet tablet comes rocking a 1.0 GHz dual-core processor to help it become much more than just an e-reader. We have some hands-on impressions below

The new B&N NOOK Tablet features a 7″ 1024 x 600 resolution bright IPS display with LG Vivid view technology for reduced glare and better reading. A powerful dual-core 1.0 GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, micro-SD for expanded storage and thousands of books and magazines all for just $249. You can see the official announcement here, as well as some videos and pre-order information. The announcement event has just finished up and since we aren’t there live, we have some hands-on coverage rounded up for you to enjoy.

First we’ll start with CNET’s impressions. They might not have a load of pictures but they break all the details down and mention just how great the new IPS display is on the NOOK Tablet. Here is what CNET had to say regarding the awesome visual experience from the 7″ screen:

While offering the same 1024 x 600 resolution of the Nook Color (and the Kindle Fire), B&N claims that the in-plane switching (IPS) display offers an 89 percent viewing angle. I just know that the screen appeared brighter and sharper than last year’s model, and the high-res video stream from Netflix looked really good.

B&N mentions that the 7″ display has a no-air lamination process making colors more vivid, the text crisper, and will help reduce glare. Giving it one more of many advantages over the Kindle Fire from Amazon.

Then be sure to look over the hands-on impressions from the Verge. To sum up their hands-on they basically enjoyed their limited time with the NOOK Tablet. It continues to be one of the best looking and feeling devices to use and handle, mainly because its the same design as the awesome NOOK Color.

They mention the familiar OS with the bookshelf layout for basically everything, nothing surprising here. Apparently press isn’t able to fully play with and enjoy the new NOOK so the hands-on time is limited but here is one bit the Verge had to say about the web browsing:

Unfortunately, they aren’t really permitting reporters to play with it, but I did get to sneak in a quick look at the browser and load up the Verge. Both the full and mobile site loaded quickly over the in-store WiFi and scrolling was decently smooth, though I wouldn’t say as silky as the iPad.

Last but not least, be sure to look over the pictures and information over at Engadget as they snapped a few up close and personal pictures with the NOOK Tablet and it sure looks awesome. I’ve always been a fan of the design and soft-touch coating on the rear. Just like the Color the new tablet is exactly the same and anyone who loved the design will be plenty happy.

Again the new B&N NOOK Tablet that was just announced will be $249, and is available for pre-order right now and ships November 17th. Expect a full review here at Android Community once the device is finally available.