With so many smartphones coming in and out of the market, a lot of people, particularly Android users, often change their devices, especially if a better one comes along. And while most of your data can of course be backed up on the cloud so that transferring phones isn’t that much of a pain, there are some data eventually lost, like those on your messaging apps. But if you’re using WhatsApp, you now have a way to back up all your memories onto Google Drive.

This was actually a feature that appeared then disappeared on an APK Mirror site for WhatsApp, but it looks like it’s now official. Once the update has rolled out to your WhatsApp account, you now have the ability to create a private backup of your chat history, voice messages, photos and videos, and they will all be saved on a folder in your Google Drive. Most WhatsApp users do share some of their most precious memories with loved ones on the app, and so this is a very welcome option for the users.

Connect your Google Drive account to your WhatsApp, and go to the Google Drive backup menu. You can choose to backup your data daily, weekly, monthly, or if you want to forget your entire messaging history when you change phones (if you broke up with someone and don’t want to ever see your chats, etc), then you can choose the never option. You can also choose to include or exclude videos.

The backup feature will be rolling out to WhatsApp and Google Drive users over the next few months. You can check your messaging app settings to see if it has reached you already. Happy back-upping!

SOURCE: Google Drive