A few days ago, we told you about an update to messaging app WhatsApp which allows you to back up your messages and your entire account onto Google Drive. The update was available on an APK Mirror but wasn’t released on their Google Play Store page. Now it looks like they might have changed their mind or something because this feature has been disabled without any official announcement, and their latest build doesn’t have this capability anymore.

Previously, meaning just a few days ago, you could now configure your WhatsApp to back up your messages onto your Google Drive account. You could choose the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) of the backup as well as whether you want to do it on WiFi only or WiFi or cellular data. This was good news for those who want to keep meticulous records of their communications, whether for business or personal reasons, without having to copy/paste all your chats onto a document.

However, users over at Reddit started noticing that the newest build did not contain this particular feature. Then they also started commenting that it has already been disabled. Someone speculated that it might be because of an issue with their connectivity options, wherein even if you choose WiFi only for back-up, it will still continue on data if your WiFi suddenly goes offline. That should be an issue for users who are monitoring their data usage. Someone also mentioned that the backup consumed a lot of power, so that might be a consideration as well.

Let’s hope this is just a temporary situation and that they will restore the back-up feature. WhatsApp has been pretty generous with their updates lately, with free voice calling among other new features, so we hope this is just a glitch. We’ll update you if it comes back on if ever.

VIA: Reddit


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