It seems that the folks over at WhatsApp are keeping pretty busy, bringing us updates every few days or so. The latest one, still in beta and not yet available on the Google Play Store update, allows you to back-up your conversations onto Google Drive. That means if you need “evidence” about a conversation you had that your friend is denying, you can just pull a file that you backed up on the cloud.

Version 2.12.45 can be found on the APK Mirror, even if the official page doesn’t show the latest version yet. After downloading the update, go to the settings, chat settings, chat backup, and then you’ll be able to see Google Drive settings. You can choose the frequency with which to back it up, which is daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also choose whether you want to use Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi or Cellular when you’re backing up your data. 4AM everyday is when WhatsApp usually backs up its servers, but you can still choose back up now if you can’t wait for that.

The messaging app has brought successive updates for users in the past few weeks. Just last week, they finally updated to Material Design, bringing better icons and layouts as well. The free voice calls through the app were also finally enabled during the latter part of March, after weeks of trying it out with selected users only.

As we mentioned, this latest update is still not yet live on the official download page, but you can already side-load it onto your device. Just click on this link to get the APK.

VIA: XDA Developers


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