Less than a day after AT&T’s flavor of the Samsung Glaaxy S II got its first leaked Ice Cream Sandwich ROM, the folks at the CyanogenMod team are hard at work incorporating the much-needed software into their modded Android 4.0 builds. AT&T Galaxy S II owners can download nightly builds of CyanogenMod 9 starting now, getting the latest and greatest in customized Android 4.0 straight from the source. Head over to the CyanogenMod Mirror Network to download the latest build; install by flashing in a custom recovery, as usual.

While the CyanogenMod team didn’t say so specifically, it’s more than likely that the updated kernel for ICS on AT&T’s Galaxy S II variant is the reason that the nightly updates have started. Changing around the Android software, even for something as complicated as a brand new version, is often hamstrung by limitations in the kernel if run on an older version. Since AT&T has three different pieces of hardware based on the Galaxy S II, the CM team is also changing the name of the internal build to the AT&T GSII model number, i777.

There’s an extra bonus for other AT&T modders as well. CyanogenMod’s Google + post included some not-so-cryptic language at the end, indicating what’s next for CM9:

 “You are smart folks, we’re sure we don’t have to hand you a note to figure it out… no sky rocket scientists needed 😉 (/bad puns)”

So, yeah, AT&T’s LTE version of the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S II Skyrocket (the Ma Bell name for the Galaxy S II LTE) will both be getting some nightly ROM updates sooner rather than later. The Skyrocket’s got a bona-fide official update already, and the Galaxy Note is getting one soon enough. If the pattern holds, nightly updates for HTC’s Vivid can’t be too far behind. Thanks for all the hard work, CM team =- gt to it, ROM aficionados.

[via PocketNow]