ATT 5G Network

The 5G game has begun. It’s more than just a game actually. It’s an era that must be given attention because the new mobile Internet technology is really fast. The market has been anticipating for this super fast connection as early as 2015 but we first heard of a 20GBs per second 5G network to be ready at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Soon, 5G trials were announced before the initial 2020 launch. The technology is available earlier than planned but more areas have yet to be covered.

The latest we heard from AT&T about 5G was when it hit 1 Gigabit wireless speed on 5G. It was said to be a first in the US although we’ve been hearing more stuff from Verizon.

AT&T is making things better for potential 5G users as about 19 cities can finally access 5G in the United States. This is the latest good news from the carrier that was once questioned for the AT&T 5GE icon. AT&T explained it is just an enhanced experience.

AT&T mobile 5G service can now be enjoyed in the following cities: Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, Orlando, San Francisco, San Diego, and San Jose. The additional coverage makes AT&T with the widest 5G coverage this early.

The company will continue its expansion in the US offering higher speed with the mmWave spectrum and sub-6 spectrum. AT&T promises the best and fastest in the country but only for the customers. The 1 Gigabit wireless speed on 5G is really fast. We’re assuming though that it can only be achieved with a 5G phone.

The carrier’s mobile 5G device availability will begin with the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. This is the next generation of connectivity. You need to get a new 5G phone or just wait for further improvement. Another 5G phone from Samsung will also be revealed later this year.