With not a single explanation on why it was halted in the first place, the Android 4.3 update for AT&T‘s version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is rolling out once more to owners. While this is, of course, good news, it does make us wonder what went wrong so that we could keep an eye out for problems.

The Android 4.3 update for a number of Samsung’s devices, both recent and not so recent ones, has been having a rather rough journey as it rolls out to the devices in different parts of the globe. Among other things that the update includes is the addition of support for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. While Android updates are almost always welcome, it seemed that for some, it might have not been worth the trouble.

Last week, Samsung halted and pulled out the Android 4.3 update for an older model, the Galaxy S III, in international markets due multiple issues reported. These ranged from increased battery drain to WiFi connectivity issues to random freezing during phone calls. AT&T, however, still pushed through with the update for US owners. Ironically, it was the update for the Galaxy S 4 that AT&T halted, with no explanation other than that it’s waiting for “potential improvements”.

It seems that those potential improvements have finally materialized now that the carrier is pushing out the update again. Indeed, the notes only say that the update “includes multiple improvements” and nothing more. For such an almost insignificant description, the update comes at a large 727 MB file size that can be downloaded only over a WiFi connection.

VIA: Android Authority