The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for the year-old Samsung Galaxy S III was almost seen as a blessing until users started experiencing critical problems after installing it. Samsung UK has just issued an official statement that doesn’t give much information about the issues but at least acknowledges it and promises to look into it.

Like most press releases of its kind, Samsung isn’t really saying much. It does say that it is investigating the issues reported, though doesn’t give details on what those issues are. But so far, users have reported several annoying and critical problems with their devices, ranging from WiFi and Bluetooth audio issues, to random freezing especially when taking calls, to performance problems like poor RAM management, battery drain, and delays in waking up from standby.

The latest Jelly Bean update started rolling out to Galaxy S III owners early this month. News of the update was met with anticipation as it breathes new life into Samsung’s previous flagship, updating not only the Android version but also adding compatibility with the company’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which might not be something worth waiting for after all. It is rather unfortunate, if not unacceptable, that problems of this number and magnitude have passed unnoticed by Samsung’s QA.

In order to prevent the damage from spreading further, Samsung is temporarily halting the rollout of the Android 4.3 update but promises to resume it as soon as possible. Of course, that doesn’t really give much comfort to users who have already installed the update and are left with an almost unusable device until Samsung fixes things on their end.

VIA: SamMobile