So many great new devices, promos, and data plans are being announced. The more mobile technology is improving, the greater network coverage, the faster connection, and the better data plan deals will be. AT&T is always quick to upgrade its systems and plans. Just last month, it started offering unlimited calling in Mexico and rollover data plans for shared subscribers. AT&T isn’t the only carrier offering new plans though. Verizon was earlier tipped to slash $10 off most data plans last week. AT&T’s prepaid carrier has also unveiled a new All-in Prepaid Plan while Verizon announced more data plan options for prepaid subscribers.

Last week, AT&T announced new 7GB data sharing plan that is expected to delight a lot of subscribers. It’s only a limited offer but good to grab while it lasts. This plan can be shared among three lines. The promo began last February 14 but AT&T didn’t mention when the deal will be over.

Mobile Share Value subscribers can sign up for the 7GB mobile share data plan. Three lines can share the limit aside from the unlimited text and calls. The plan also offers rollover data. As for the pricing, plan is $120 every month for the three lines on the plan. Not bad.

Both new and current subscribers can avail of the 7GB data plan for sharing. And if you get a new smartphone under the Next promo, you can also get a $100 credit from AT&T but this new line will be charged an additional $15 per month. That’s still lower than other phones under a two-year contract anywhere.

VIA: SlashGear