For those mobile users who don’t want to be locked to one carrier for the usual two-year period, a prepaid subscription is a must have as it allows you to be more flexible and customizable. If you’re still looking as to which carrier you should choose, Verizon Wireless is offering new and more options for its prepaid subscribers, particularly when it comes to its data plans, which, let’s admit it, is practically what most people care about now.

If you already have their $45 prepaid monthly smartphone plan, you will now get not just 500MB of data, but they have doubled it to 1GB already, as the previous one is really too low, considering how people use their devices nowadays. If you want to get 500MB more without paying any extra, you can enroll your account in the Auto Pay system and you’ll receive the additional data for free. The $45 plan also includes Unlimited Talk and Text, plus if you have family or friends in Mexico and Canada, you also get unlimited text but an additional $10 to the plan for International Long Distance capabilities.

Another new offer from Verizon is that you’ll be able to carry over the data that you haven’t consumed onto the next month. But you would need to actually use it before the 90 day expiration is up, for the $10 and $20 data plan while you just have 60 days for the $5 data plan. The $5 plan gives you 500MB, the $10 has 1GB, and the $20 has 3GB of data.

They also have new smartphones you can choose from for the prepaid data plans, including the HTC Desire 612 or the LG Transpyre. But if you’re already happy with your current smartphone, you can just use it. If you have a 4G LTE smartphone or it is XLTE ready, they claim that you’ll be able to get “faster peak speeds and greater network capacity.”

SOURCE: Verizon