Well folks, it appears the ASUS Transformer Prime is just popping up everywhere and today the pre-order list just got a huge member — Best Buy! The Prime has been in the news plenty lately, and rightfully so packing a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and all. It’s been available for pre-order from Gamestop for a while now but now Best Buy is ready to transform your shopping experience.

We’ve seen it at a few other large online retailers (like those guys selling the Fire tablet) and it quickly sold out so chances are we might have a similar situation here with Best Buy, even though this is only a pre-order for now. We currently are only seeing the $499 32GB model in both Grey and Champagne — they also have the keyboard dock accessory also up for order starting at $149 as expected.

NVIDIA recently teased the Prime running Android 4.0 ICS so that should be coming soon, not to mention the kernel source code was leaked last night for the Prime. Now I just need ASUS to officially announce a US release date and I’ll be snagging the tablet and the Transformer Prime smart cover and I’ll be good to go.

Best Buy doesn’t list any shipping dates like Gamestop so we don’t have any additional clues on that front but this is a sure sign things are on their way and it should hopefully be in my hands very soon. Stay tuned because I’ll be unboxing and reviewing this quad-core beast as soon as humanly possible.

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[via Best Buy]