ASUS has said that a 3G version of its extremely popular Transformer Prime will not be coming into production by the end of Q1 – if at all. Actually, they even said “no such product exists on its current roadmap”. For some, 3G capabilities within a device is their highest selling point – particularly to those who are always on the move and have no time for a dedicated WiFi connection.

The Transformer Prime is likely the best Android tablet available for purchase, so this news will undoubtedly negatively effect many looking to purchase a 3G model. The updated version – TF700T – may be a more probably candidate for 3G connectivity, but after seeing how nicely 4G plays with the DROID XYBOARD, maybe we could see it with LTE instead.

Official reports from ASUS have changed quickly, and especially concerning the Transformer Prime. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see a 3G-ready version leak. But for now, those of you that were waiting for a more official announcement – now you have one. You’ll have to go out and purchase a WiFi only model, or settle with 3G/4G on many of the other available tablets.

[via The Verge]