When will these Transformer Prime owners get a break? Earlier on we saw severe GPS issues, and now the community is very aware of the random lock-ups so many seem to get after the Android 4.0 update. We haven’t seen any issues with our own models, but that doesn’t disprove the hundreds of posts over in an XDA Developers thread claiming the same obvious problem.

ASUS has responded via Gary Key, technical manager, that a fix will be out sometime at the beginning of February. To top it off, Bluetooth and WiFi are having issues functioning simultaneously as well. Hopefully, the fixes come batched together.

If the Transformer Prime wasn’t so amazingly awesome, then I’d say they were building a poor name for themselves. But you have to take a few factors into consideration; this is the first Tegra 3 quad-core device on the market. There are bound to be a few obstacles the manufacturer isn’t used to working with.

If any owners find a fix for their devices locking up, you’ll be able to find it fastest if you follow this thread. However, we will still be keeping an eye out for a remedy so check back with us every so often.

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  1. I am sorry, as much as I have truly wanted the TF201 or even the revised TF700t , after reading so many complaints about the Prime201 (which seem to be growing types and in large scale #s) … I am rapidly losing all faith and confidence in Asus and tempted to turn just take my $$$ to another tablet.

    But yet where to turn now … wait another six moths for fixes or a better product? ANY SUGGESTIONS APPRECIATED,,,I am a truly just a a retired old guy and novice in this tech world and respect your opinion/advice.

    Funny thing is, I have the same issue with cell … ready to but that perfect just is not there yet mate GS3?.

    • I am posting this from my 2 day old transformer prime. So far, i love it. But, it does have some flaws. Gps sucks… wifi works great at home but doesn’t seem to work on the network at my office. I have also noticed that if i disable bloatware (amazon kindle and the like) the web becomes unresponsive. So, why do I love it : because its super fast and smooth : the graphics are sick : the battery is great , 12 hrs easy : asus is a decent company, i have a netbook, i believe they rushed this to market because its a great product. I think the problems are reasonable when you consider the current state of android development, how many other devices have made the switch., how many other platforms run Tegra 3? Oh yeah, none.

      In short this product is bleeding edge; there will be hurdles.. but, its stability and usability will improve, and it will be an impressive device in the long term. I cant wait for more apps and games that can take advatage of this platform hit the market

  2. i myself was really excited for the asus prime release date.. when it finally came in i bought it the second it hit the shelf. soon as i got home i turned it on worked great for about 30 mins.. until i did the first update. the system locked up and rebooted itself over and over. 2 hours i set with this disappointment trying everything to get it to work properly. it couldnt even perform a hard reset. i understand its new and all and there will be some kinks that need to be worked out but for it to not function properly brand new out of the box? come on.. i expected more from you asus. such a let down… ultimately i ended up returning it paid the 100 dollar difference for a ipad with a down graded harddrive and processor, to me it was worth it to have a tablet that worked properly

  3. Gawd I want to like this. I want to like this so I can go buy it…But all these serious problems, making me reconsider. I hope they get their ish together. If they had the quality control apple did, I’m sure this wouldn’t be a problem. But I don’t want an ipad! 

  4. asus transformer problems- since the last update (mid march) my tablet has been shutting it self off. Has problems starting up including not starting up at all for several minutes, or trying to start up repeatedly (flashing on and off the start up screen). Anyone have similar issues? Could this be the update or a virus or a problem app?

  5. Can’t get on my TF-201. Locked out—won’t recognize the log-on pattern or my log-on info. Is there a reset so I can get in ???

  6. Have had my asus for nearly 9 mos and it’s like it has a ghost.  It won’t come on sometimes and right now it is blinking on and off.  I am so disappointed, I really like asus products but this one is a dud

  7. My prime locks up almost every single time I touch the screen. Very sad. Please save yourself some grief and do not buy one of these. 

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