When will these Transformer Prime owners get a break? Earlier on we saw severe GPS issues, and now the community is very aware of the random lock-ups so many seem to get after the Android 4.0 update. We haven’t seen any issues with our own models, but that doesn’t disprove the hundreds of posts over in an XDA Developers thread claiming the same obvious problem.

ASUS has responded via Gary Key, technical manager, that a fix will be out sometime at the beginning of February. To top it off, Bluetooth and WiFi are having issues functioning simultaneously as well. Hopefully, the fixes come batched together.

If the Transformer Prime wasn’t so amazingly awesome, then I’d say they were building a poor name for themselves. But you have to take a few factors into consideration; this is the first Tegra 3 quad-core device on the market. There are bound to be a few obstacles the manufacturer isn’t used to working with.

If any owners find a fix for their devices locking up, you’ll be able to find it fastest if you follow this thread. However, we will still be keeping an eye out for a remedy so check back with us every so often.

[via TalkAndroid]