The ASUS Transformer Prime has just started arriving at the doorsteps of those lucky enough to pre-order before Christmas, but already has an evident issue with its GPS capabilities. A thread over at XDA-Developers claims that not only does the GPS have a hard time locking onto satellite signals, but some claim it doesn’t work at all. And as a precaution before you try this on your own Transformer Prime – set your device to ‘Airplane Mode’ (or simply disengage from data) to ensure the GPS can lock your position without the help of WiFi.

Just earlier, we noted that a workaround is to engage your WiFi and hope for a quicker lock, but were also hoping the update would solve things. The ASUS Transformer Prime is no doubt the best tablet on the market, but GPS issues may be a serious deal-breaker for some of the treasure hunters out there. ASUS subtly showed the public they were aware of an issue when removing “GPS” as a core feature from its specifications page. Yet, in the notes of the recently pushed update – they insist that it will improve the stability.

The followers of the earlier mentioned XDA thread now state that even after the update many are seeing the same issues as before. Hopefully, ASUS can pull together a fix for this amazing device. It would be a shame to own the best tablet on the market, but at the same time have such an important feature consistently malfunctioning.

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