It looks like the Asus EeePad Transfermer is finally in stock at Target stores, and online according to what we see. There was a few stories of possible delays and shortages, and that Target was even canceling pre-orders at one point. I can now safely say I see the site myself, and the 16GB Wifi Android 3.0 beast of a Tablet is “in stock”. Go get yours now before they are all gone.

If you have been waiting for a great priced Android tablet, this is one of the lower priced tablets. It is a Wifi only, 16GB tab and runs Android 3.0 and will be updated to 3.1 shortly. The Asus Transformer has tons of accessories and even a keyboard dock to make it just like a laptop, check out our hands-on here.

Overall it is a great tablet, the hardware is very well made and has got many praises for build quality, it holds its own with the Motorola Xoom, but might be a little thicker than the shiny new Galaxy Tab 10.1 we have been hearing so much about, but for $399 you can’t go wrong. It is a great tablet at a great price. Will you be buying one, or waiting for the Galaxy Tab?

Update: I said move fast, it looks like they are gone already. That didn’t last long.

[via Target]