The ASUS ROG Phone is the mobile gaming phone you deserve. We’ve always believed in this idea but some people may think it’s an overkill. It could be anything you want it to be but for the hard-core gamers, it can be another ultimate mobile gaming device. There are a number of gaming phones being released in the market. Good thing ASUS jumped into the bandwagon since it already has the ROG line. From the time it was first rumored to be launching back in May to the time we got our hands-on, the ASUS ROG Gaming Phone has never failed to make an impression if we’re talking about the style and design.

Of course, we have yet to spend hours playing using the phone but we know our experience will leave us feeling excited. A hands-on treatment isn’t enough.

The gaming-centric smartphone launched under the under ROG branding. The device went up for pre-order on a Finnish website. As for the pricing, the ASUS ROG Phone 512GB variant costs 31,990 TWD which is about $1,038 in the US. The 128GB variant is priced at 26,990 TWD ($876).

The mobile gaming phone works best with other accessories by ASUS. ASUS wants to build a whole new gaming ecosystem and these accessories are aimed to deliver gaming convenience, ease, and function.

Here are some of the mobile accessories available for the ASUS ROG Gaming Phone:

ASUS ROG Phone TwinView Dock
ASUS ROG Phone TwinView Dock 2The TwinView Dock is a dual-screen pedestal that lets you enjoy two displays while gaming. It may remind you of an old NDS handheld game. Price: 8,990 TWD (around $292)

ASUS ROG Phone USB Professional Dock
ASUS ROG Phone USB Professional Dock This is more of a 5-in-1 docking station. It’s a simple, no-nonsense USB-C adapter that allows you to transfer signals from USB-C signal to HDMI, RJ-45 Ethernet, or USB-A. Price: 2,990 TWD ($97)

ASUS ROG Phone Gamevice
ASUS ROG Phone Gamevice
Gamevice is a controller for the ASUS ROG Phone. It boasts a clip-on design which attaches to the smartphone. It connects via USB-C. Price: 2,990 TWD ($97)

ASUS ROG Phone Mobile Desktop Dock
ASUS ROG Phone Mobile Desktop Dock 2

This one also supports dual screens so you can do different tasks at the same time. You can use it to attach to a monitor for a bigger and more convenient viewing or gaming with the help of a keyboard and mouse. Price: 4990 TWD ($162)

ASUS ROG Phone WiGig Dock
ASUS ROG Phone Mobile Desktop Dock

This thing supports the latest 802.11ad WiGig standard. This also means up to 4.6 Gbps of transmission speed. Use the WiGig wireless projection base to connect to such speedy Internet connection. Price: 7,990 TWD ($260)

Note that these accessories were spotted, stored in a special suitcase. All available accessories are found inside. Check out the images below:

VIA: ePrice