Those of you who are waiting for the much-rumored Nexus Tablet with bated breath should probably start saving your pennies right now. In addition to a benchmark discovered last night wherein the “Google ASUS Nexus 7” was detailed for the very first time, the ASUS MeMO 370T is now making its way through the US Federal Communications Commission. The low-cost quad-core tablet hasn’t been seen since CES more than five months ago.

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, the long delay for the 370T was rumored to be intentional, as the combination of impressive hardware and low price had caught Google’s eye. Unconfirmed reports stated that the 370T had been cancelled altogether in order for ASUS to build the Nexus Tablet, with a similar 7-inch form factor and running Ice Cream Sandwich. We can’t confirm any part of that, but it certainly fits with the unreliable rumor mill. There’s also the possibility that the 370T will be sold alongside a Nexus Tablet as a slightly more premium device.

If you can’t remember, the ASUS MeMO 370T was set to use NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor, a 7-inch 720p IPS screen and a full gig of RAM, plus an 8-megapixel camera, external MicroSD card slot and Ice Cream Sandwich to boot. All this in a package aiming for a $250 MSRP – note that the Nexus Tablet gas long been assumed to be pointed at the $200 mark. We’re still waiting on confirmation on one or both, but those who are excited should keep an eye on Google I/O in late June, where the Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) are anticipated.

[via Engadget]