Are you going to the Milan Design Week in April? Asus plans to be there to show some exciting new innovations from team AsusUK. According to a tweet by @AsusUK they will be there and they mentioned showing a “Design Concept or Innovative Display?” We get to decide, I have a feeling they will have some fancy 3D Android and Windows 7 tablets for us to drool over.

The image above is what they provided. Looks like they may need to hire someone to do their photoshop work. Either way the photo is exciting as you can see the “tablet 3D” mentioned. We have talked about this before, you can read more about it in this story about the Asus Quad Core 3D Tablet, and if you wanna see a few of the upcoming devices already announced by Asus you can read and watch the video on the Asus Honeycomb Tablet that is also coming soon.

So will you be attending Milan Design Week? I wouldn’t mind going to Milan, although it is more of a design show, not electronics or Android. When more information on this 3D tablet and design concept is released we will be sure to bring it to you right here on AndroidCommunity. While your here feel free to check out our forums.



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