The brand new Archos G9 Honeycomb tablets have only been out a short time and Archos has already started pushing a firmware OTA update to the devices. The Archos 80 went up for sale late last month and we quickly snagged one up for some hands-on time. The new update from Archos fixes plenty of bugs, and adds some new features like Google Talk so head on past the break for full details.

The Archos G9 tablets are their first entry into the Honeycomb tablet game and are aiming at the low priced segment. Our hands-on (linked to above) shows plenty of the new tablet from Archos and our full review is coming shortly. Like most updates it adds a number of features and fixes a number of bugs. Here are a few of the highlights right from Archos:

-Google talk is now part of the firmware and comes pre-loaded.
-Improved volume control (better volume range, less glitches on notifications) leading to faster gaming experience on some 3rd party applications
-Improved camera quality in high and low light condition
-Added Flash acceleration support
-Better quality SD video upscaling (e.g. on 1080p display)
-Improved memory management for smaller memory footprint

For more information you can head over to the Archos support page and see all the changes in the change-log by clicking here.

The latest Archos Firmware version 3.2.46 is available now for those who already own the Archos G9 tablet and can be updated right from the device. Head to menu > settings > about tablet > then just hit “Firmware Update” and start the download. It should only take but a few minutes and upon rebooting you should be on firmware version 3.2.46 and be able to enjoy all the bug fixes, Google Talk and more.

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