Fantastic feats of strength and bravery. Epic showdowns between good and evil. Skin-tight catsuits. These are not things you’ll see in your typical Wal-Mart (with the possible exception of that last one). But if you download the SuperHero AR app from the Google Play Store you might just see all of this, at least through the camera of your Android smartphone.

Wal-Mart is putting out its own Avengers marketing initiative ahead of the Friday mega-premiere, and part of it is placing the iconic superheroes in augmented reality advertising throughout their stores. The app scans displays set up in stores and plays an augmented reality 3D video featuring Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, the Hulk, Black Widow or Captain America, along with Loki and some generic movie henchman. You can select your favorite Avenger from the six or just play some of the included mini-games.

Unfortunately, it looks like the app doesn’t quite live up to its own blockbuster aspirations.  In  addition to a huge 300MB download, the majority of reviews give it a single star, claiming that it’s slow and doesn’t work well with the in-store displays. Many are reporting that the app just won’t launch at all. Oh well – you can always catch up on your superhero lore with Marvel’s official comic app, or check out the new Avengers VS X-Men for some different augmented reality goodies.