We’ve just received word that there’s another pirate of games out there, and their name is jasminstory. The crime? Ripping applications off the internet and selling them as their own. The punishment? The Android Community crushing the account of the defendant. The wrongdoing is instantly apparent when you take a peek at the list of games this “developer” has available, several of them created by completely different designers in their true form.

NOTE: When I say “True Form” in regards to these apps, I mean the way their developer intended them to be, sold from the outlets they intended them to be sold from. What this thief is doing is ripping apps from their sources (or developer forums, as was/is the case with davincidevelopers), then publishing them as his own. Not doing work outside stealing, transferring, and profiting.

What can you do to crack down on villains such as this? Report them straight to Google. Flag their games, don’t BUY their games of course, and notify the rest of the Android people you know to beware. Also of course do not do these things to someone you’re suspicious of without properly vetting them, and if you feel like you’ve found an evil pirate, let us know too! – thanks Nick!


  1. What can developers do to safe guard their apps? they are shared in forums to get help and feedback but how can this be done and still protect them from the pirates?

  2. Hi…I found this post because I’m one of the developper he stole 2 games : penguinoid & poulpytris
    I contacted Google using the ‘Help’ menu but now, i’m unable to publish my games…
    FYI, he stole it from GetJar when I first published it for testing…
    shame on me… 🙁

    Any help is welcome…
    for a first try on Android market, it’s a massive failure : my games were stolen and my company name too…so bad 🙁


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