If you haven’t heard that Rovio’s released an update to its Angry Birds franchise yet, congratulations: you’ve managed to avoid online, print, television (both cable and local) and word-of-mouth news for the last few days. And you haven’t been to Seattle. But just about everyone else knows that Angry Birds Space is now available for download, because they’ve been playing with zero-gravity avians all weekend. Across iOS and Android platforms, the game has been downloaded an incredible 10 million times already.

Rovio sent out the info in a tweet, which didn’t give much time for extrapolation. Unfortunately the download statistics haven’t cached in the Google Play Store, but if we extrapolate based on the number of reviews, the free version of Angry Birds Space has probably got somewhere between 500,000 and a million downloads on Android, plus a few thousand more for the HD tablet version and the ad-free Premium version. Everybody gets 60 levels, but Samsung owners get early access to the 30-level Danger Zone DLC.

If you’re still on the fence about downloading Angry Birds Space… why? It’s a free download on Android, after all. If you need more convincing, check out our hands-on review. Long story short, if you’ve ever enjoyed Angry Birds, you’ll find even more to love here. If you haven’t been impressed thus far, give it a shot: the radial gravity effects and strategic new birds may surprise you. And besides, it gives you a good excuse for dusting off your old Muppet Show tapes.