It looks like a few game updates have arrived just in time for the weekend. The games include Angry Birds Seasons from Rovio Mobile and Pudding Monsters from ZeptoLab. Both of the updates are already available in the Google Play Store and they are each adding quite a few new levels.

The Seasons update is Abra-Ca-Bacon with 36 new levels and the Pudding Monsters update is Sky View which is bringing 25 new levels of game play. Both of the games are available for free, however there is an HD version of Pudding Monsters available for $0.99. Pricing aside though, lets take a deeper look at each of these updates.

Beginning first with Angry Birds Seasons. Aside from the 36 new levels, which Rovio happens to be touting as magical, this update also includes portals and a new power-up. The portals will bring new gameplay an as the name would imply, they will allow the user to “magically” transport within the level they are playing. Those looking for the new power-up should be on the lookout for the exploding magic box called AllakaBAM.


Shifting over to Pudding Monsters and those playing will find an update that brings the gameplay to the outdoors. Well, the virtual outdoors anyway. The Sky View update will have you climbing mountains and you will also be able to move those mountains with the new Mr. Powerlifter Monster. Those mountains can also be split (in an effort to collect more stars) using cones.

All said and done, two decent sized updates. Otherwise, as many will already realize, each of these developers have other titles available. In the case of Rovio Mobile, they have quite a few versions of Angry Birds with a recent release being the social-minded Friends. ZeptoLab on the other hand has Cut The Rope, which recently had a new additional called Time Travel.

SOURCE: Angry Birds Seasons and Pudding Monsters