Rovio has just released an epic trailer for its new avian versus swine game, Angry Birds Epic. The video contains just enough humor to assure fans of the Angry Birds franchise that the company hasn’t yet run out of ideas just yet.

When Rovio began teasing a new game, there was much speculation on what form it will take, from simply a new theme for an old game to even a 3D remake. When the company revealed that the game will be an entirely new turn-based RPG, many were surprised, perplexed, and maybe even worried about the game developer’s excursion into untested waters, fearing Rovio has lost its way. The trailer below, however, might be saying otherwise.

Yes, you still have the birds fighting pigs, but this time with new game mechanics unlike Rovio has ever done. Set in a world that is inspired rathan than based on medieval history, Angry Birds Epic features epic battles, epic loot, epic costumes, and epic humor. If the original Angry Birds has had you hooked and entertained with silly antics and sound effects, then you might be glad to know that Angry Birds Epics aims to take that silliness to epic proportions.

Unfortunately, Rovio’s new game is currently available on iOS and in limited territories as well. Though the official website notes that other countries will soon follow, it doesn’t give even a ballpark date for Android. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait that long unlike that other vegetation versus rotting corpses game.