The world just can’t get enough of Angry Birds, or can we? Seems like they are always in the news. Earlier today we mentioned the newest bit to join the party, Angry Birds Seasons Easter. Now it seems we have even more exciting news regarding your favorite birds.

Rovio Mobile today has tweeted that cross-platform-sync is a difficult task, but they have been working extremely hard on it, and getting close. What this means is you no longer will have to start over when you get a new android phone, or when you make that very smart move from the iPhone to a better, more powerful dual-core Android phone like the HTC Sensation you wont lose your progress.

You can play Angry Birds on your iPod touch that you have had forever, or your shiny new android phone, or that exciting Motorola Xoom you just got and all the levels you beat already you wont have to redo. This is huge as I lost all progress once and I’m still not back to where I was and rarely play the game now. I do however backup all my game saves data on android using Titanium Backup, but once the cross-platform-sync gets finished we will no longer have to worry about losing our precious hard work. I can’t wait to hear more about this in the coming weeks or months.

[via Rovio Mobile Twitter]



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