For all you bird lovers, or pig haters it looks like the wonderful developers of Angry Birds are about to push out yet again another Seasons update. This is Angry Birds Seasons Easter. The Easter update will bring 15 levels of little pigglets wearing bunny ears, with candy, and eggs all around for you to collect and enjoy.

Rovio Mobile has been on a roll lately with the huge hit the entire world knows as Angry Birds. I mean back in November Angry Birds had over 7 Million downloads on Android. Just think of everything they have done since then, with the Christmas seasons, and St. Patty’s Day.

The newly released Angry Birds Rio at Amazon , and everything else they are doing is nothing but a good sign for things to come. Hopefully each new season brings another excellent release to us over here in Androidville. We sure love our free angry birds.

[via PocketGamer]


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