If you’re Andy Rubin, creator of Android, would you do another version of your best creation? Perhaps if you know it’s also going to be even better. In case you don’t know, it was Andy Rubin who developed Android. He left Google more than two years ago and has started a new company. The startup is believed to be working on a new smartphone that makes use of artificial intelligence.

There’s no official confirmation yet but Rubin is believed to be working on the “Essential” phone. Rubin’s new company is known as the “Essential”, thus, the Essential phone name is given. The startup is rumored to be launching a suit of devices that can work together.

The Essential name was sighted from a recent USPTO filing that also shows the Essential logo. The name of Rubin was included in the document and we got the idea that Essential devices will be introduced soon.

The Essential ecosystem could include several mobile devices–smartphones, tablets, accessories and replacement parts and all related computer operating software. We’re taking everything with a grain of salt but it’s just exciting to hear news about Andy Rubin or anything that he’s been working on. The last time we heard about his work was when he moved from building Android to building robots for Google. He left the tech giant to help new hardware tech startups and began his own known only as the Essential Products Inc.

Bloomberg reports that Rubin is already in talks with mobile carrier executives and should soon make an official announcement. Rubin is said to have discussed with a mobile carrier during last week’s CES to release a new premium smartphone that will rival Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S, and iPhone. Obviously, it will be high end and honestly, we’re very much intrigued because it’s from Rubin.

We’ve got illustrations below of how the Essential device will look like although unconfirmed yet. The prototype could have a 5.5-inch display screen and might be smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus. Sources say the phone will use a proprietary connector for add-on accessories.

Our friends over at SlashGear uncovered a patent filed back in 2016 that shows off “Co-mold features on a chassis shell of a mobile device”. We’re guessing it will still have a unibody design but may accept accessories with a proprietary connector. It could be a bit modular or something along that line.

What’s also more interesting is the idea that the Essential phone will have less openings or crevices to prevent dust. With such design pattern, the smartphone will still have buttons but with less holes or ports. We’re assuming the new design will allow more sensors to be installed within the device. The Essential designers could add a mechanical force sensor system, optical sensor system, or an electrical sensor system.

We’re looking forward to this Essential smartphone and the whole new ecosystem Rubin and his team could possibly be introducing. We’re expecting a 2017 release but maybe later and the device wiithin the expensive category–maybe at around $600.

VIA: SlashGear


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