A few of our main Google super-computers are switching places as of late, one of them you may well know about – Larry Page, co-founder of Google switching up with Eric Schmidt, leaving Schmidt to do all the dirty work (traveling about the earth talking about the awesomeness of Google, for example.) Meanwhile Page has been doing some more inter-company promoting. One of these promotions, the one we’ll be keeping the closest eye on, is Andy Rubin, who until this time was of course known as the father of Android and Vice President of Engineering at Google, is now one of six Senior Vice Presidents.

This move makes it clear that Google is dedicated to what’s very clearly one of its most successful ventures in their short history, Android, and that Rubin’s role in making Google a better place for the world to interact is secured. Rubin’s new role means that he’ll be reporting directly to Page in what’s being called an effort to streamline Google’s executive structure as well as an effort to provide “better company focus” in the near future.

The new team is thusly organized:
• Andy Rubin, SVP of mobile
• Vic Gundotra, SVP of social
• Sundar Pichai, SVP of Chrome
• Salar Kamangar, SVP of YouTube and video
• Alan Eustace, SVP of search
• Susan Wojcicki, SVP of ads
• Jeff Huber, SVP of local & commerce

We’ve got an entire portal dedicated to our main homie Andy Rubin, that which you can take a peek at over [over here]. The most explosive thing this fellow has done as of late was to respond to rumors that Google was tightening its grip on open-sourcedness with words on how he and they are dedicated to the open source project forever! Rubin’s Rabblers! That’s what his fans are called. They’ll be happy with this newest news.

[via Wall Street Journal]



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