Truth be told, Android was never designed with security and privacy in mind. That is why when efforts at Android security like the Blackphone (recently rumored to have been rooted) come out, they are certainly notable. This app called Androignito, developed by XDA forum member “aritraroy” might just be another one to take note of when thinking about privacy on your device.

When we talk about security and privacy in Android, we talk about PIN codes and patterns, the patented KnockCode for premium LG phones, and even the rumored eye scanning being studied by Samsung. But once you get past those, the phone’s content is literally at the tip of the user’s fingers. The Androignito app adds another layer of protection at the file level so that your personal data – pictures, videos, documents – can be protected from casual snoopers.


The new app is able to use 3 layers of encryption and is able to hide most popular file types like documents, images, apps, and the like from casual browsing by asking for a PIN. The app has a built-in Stealth Mode that asks users to log-in three times, and when the user fails to do so, the application blocks access to the files for 15 minutes.


The caveat here is that the app does not give industry grade security and privacy. The developer did not discuss much about the encryption algorithms used by the app, so we assume that a dedicated hacker – one who really wants to get at your data – could break through the app’s wall given enough time. But for securing data so that they are not in plain view of those whom you casually allow to flip through your device, Androignito might just be the app for you. Check out the application thread at XDA and look for the Google Play Store download link within.