The Android community already had an answer for those who wanted a phone with extreme security and privacy in mind – that is the Blackphone. This device is designed to prevent usual security vulnerabilities that normal people wouldn’t mind, so when a hacker announces via Twitter that he has found a way to root the Blackphone, the makers had to stand up and take notice.

At 2:53AM yesterday, researcher @TeamAndIRC tweeted: “I think the BlackPhone just fell…”, alluding to the time where he claims he may have just rooted a Blackphone device. At 8:00AM, the same account tweeted a picture of a t-shirt print, announcing that yes, he had just rooted a Blackphone and all he got was a t-shirt for the effort.


This was all happening while Defcon 2014, the hacking conference was going on in Las Vegas, just a few days after the Blackhat 2014 security conference took place. Naturally, Blackphone was present at Defcon and apparently went and had a chat with @TeamAndIRC. According to an official blogpost, Blackphone had asked the hacker to explain that the root needed direct user interaction – just securitese for saying that root access was very difficult to obtain to begin with.


The official blog statement did confirm the other issues that @TeamAndIRC had exploited and assured users that they were already aware of the vulnerabilities, and had just begun patching them. As of the last official blogpost, Blackphone was still waiting for @TeamAndIRC to discuss the last vulnerability he took advantage of. Team Blackphone said they were pretty sure that they would be able to patch whatever that flaw would be as soon as possible.