Google has been busy working on the upcoming Android Wear 2.0. The Developer Preview 4 was released only last week. A few months earlier, it added Play Store due for public launch in 2017. Sadly, some apps are being discontinued in preparation for Android Wear 2.0 but rest assured more powerful ones are being readied.

Android developers have provided a preview of Wear 2.0 standalone apps. These are apps that can work on their own sans any help from or compatibility with a smartphone. With standalone apps, both Android and iOS users can choose Android Wear for their wearables.

Android Wear allows anyone to install apps directly on the smartwatch. No need for a partner phone because the wearable platform will have its own Play Store. More developers now are enhancing their apps or making new ones that will enhance the Android Wear experience.

Some of the Android Wear 2.0 apps users can enjoy at launch will be Foursquare, Glide, and Lifesum. Foursquare is popular among the travelers who like to explore new cities and let the whole world know where they are. The app offers comprehensive information about new places to eat, drink, or simply just discover. The idea is that this app will automatically send relevant notifications whenever you are in a new city or country.

Glide is more for messaging. You can simply click on a contact and then quickly start a conversation. You can set a shortcut to a favorite contact so you will not have to search every time. This app takes advantage of the new Wear Complications API so you can live broadcast from the watch face.

Last but not the least is Lifesum. This helps people improve your fitness and health by letting you track meals and water intake, make good food choices, and just reach your health goals.

You can’t find these apps on the Play Store yet but you can check out now for Developer Preview.

SOURCE: Android Developers Blog