So we’re getting nearer and nearer to the Android O release, but before that, some Nexus device and Pixel users are now able to get a peek of what Android O offers through the Android O Developer Preview 2 which is now released as a public beta. This means that users with eligible devices are now able to join the beta program and download Android O on their devices.

As of today, the devices eligible for the beta program are the Google Pixel phones, the Pixel C, the Nexus 5X, the Nexus 6P, and the Nexus Player. It might not be a long shot that the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV might also be eligible at some point, since the Nexus Player is already involved in the beta.

If you want to join the beta program, you have to make sure what your primary Google account is. Go to your device’s Settings -> Accounts -> Google to see which one it is. Then log on to the beta enrollment link, and make sure you are using the same account on your phone to log into Google. This process should work right out the gate.

What can you expect from Android O? Well you can read up on it here, but to highlight some, you can expect the new picture-in-picture video, new notification dots, on-device machine learning, and a lot of system optimizations for Android O. Are you going to jump on this bandwagon?

SOURCE: Google