When Google pushed out the stable builds of Android 7.1.2 Nougat to all its supported devices, that signaled the close of the Android Nougat beta program. Of course, this gives users hope that it also meant the start of Android O’s beta program. Development in Android’s beta program should now shift to the next version of the Android platform, and users are hoping to jump on early to that particular bandwagon.

For the last two Android releases, Google’s beta program allowed Nexus and Pixel users to test out upcoming features and builds before anyone else. It looks like this is set to continue – fingers crossed – with Android O. Android O’s developer preview has been available for a few months, but it was plainly said that this was not the public beta and wasn’t intended for a mainstream audience.

Now, if we go by what information is available at Android’s developer page, it looks like there will be a second developer preview build in the middle of May – which is listed as a beta. We can only hope that this means the public beta for Android O will begin.

If you want to stake out that particular bit of information, you can hang around the official community account at Google+. Anything that would be announced should go through that account as well, so happy waiting, you guys.

VIA: 9to5Google