If you are a big fan of Android operating system for your smartphone or tablet, you probably know who Andy Rubin is. Rubin was the geek who developed Android and then sold the OS to Google back in 2005. Rubin was also involved in the company Danger. Rubin has posted up a tweet with some interesting stats on how many Android devices are activated each day and the information is very interesting.

According to Rubin there are over 500,000 Android devices activated each day. Just as impressive is the fact that the number of activations are growing at 4.4% week over week. Looking back to December of 2010 when Rubin tweeted the same information there were 300,000 Android phones being activated each day. That is a huge number of Android devices.

Rubin was promoted from vice President of Engineering at Google to Senior Vice President back in early April. It’s nice to get data on how many Android devices are being activated. I wish other smartphone markers were as open about how many devices are being sold and activated.