Just like last year, the Android community is now anticipating for the commercial release of Android N. We’ve stopped guessing about the next dessert’s name because we’re more interested in the new features. So far, we’ve learned that Launcher Shortcuts was removed, Project Tango will be baked into the platform, and that it will have multi-window/auto-update/better Doze among others. Those are just some of changes and we know that more will be previewed and tested.

According to a certain Zachary Kew-Denniss, a student and Android enthusiast, he said that the Android N preview allows two Chrome tabs to open on one screen at the same time. This isn’t the multi-window but a totally different feature albeit very similar. To enable this, just hold the overview key with the two tabs open and then click on the overflow button. Choose the “move to other window” prompt.

Nothing much to say here but it’s one neat feature. You know how multi-tasking is important to all mobile users and having two Chrome tabs open at the same time can be pretty useful. Another Android user noted that the feature is called “task switcher” in some places and that you can access such in Recents. We hope to learn more about this feature and see previews in the next few days or weeks.

VIA: Zachary Kew-Denniss