Android Instant Apps will soon allow no full installation of apps on mobile devices before you can use them. This is one way to save your precious memory because you are not required to install apps before you can launch and try them. The Android developers have been working on this feature since last year. In fact, this one was already demoed at the Google I/O 2016 but it was only in January that we learned more about it in full. We know it’s coming to a Google Play Store update but it has yet to be available to all developers until today.

Android Instant Apps is now open to all developers. You can easily build and publish an instant app so Android users in the future will be offered speed and convenience all the time. Some instant apps are already avaiilable like One Football, Jet, Vimeo, the New York Times, and Hotpads. So far, these apps have seen great results including a double-digit increase in leads and purchases.

If you are a developer, visit and get the latest Android Studio 3.0 plus the Android Instant Apps SDK. It may take you about four to six weeks of development. The tools provided by the Android team are enough for you to make an instant version of your app. The Play Console will easily support your instant app for distribution.

The Android Instant Apps feature is now ready in over 40 countries. The release of Android O will further expand the concept with more efficiency, launcher integration support, and sharable support libraries. Main goal is to reduce app size so the system will be lighter.

Watch the “Introduction to Android Instant Apps” session on Google I/O YouTube channel via live streaming.

SOURCE: Android Developers Blog