It was another exciting week in the Android Community with tons of Jelly Bean, Galaxy Nexus news, and of course the Galaxy S III. Developers have been hard at work porting Jelly Bean to multiple devices, and we’re back for another round-up of all the Android news from this past week. You’ll surely want to hit all the links below to ease that news craving.

Obviously Jelly Bean was big this week but that was pretty much expected. Android 4.1 brings tons of goodies and improved features. We even noticed Google teasing “candy cane,” or something that we’ll probably find out more on later. Then just like the past 3 weeks or more the Samsung Galaxy S III was all over the news.

Verizon officially announced the Galaxy S III will be available in stores come July 10th, but now we’re getting tips saying that’s been delayed til the 12th. We’ll be sure to update on that possible 2 day delay situation tomorrow after we check-in with Verizon. Their Galaxy S III also started arriving for those who pre-ordered (we got one so expect hands-on and reviews coming soon,) and many who’ve already received theirs are having trouble with the bootloader.

It appears Verizon has done their usual, sadly, and locked down the SGSIII’s bootloader. It’s already been rooted but the bootloader is an entirely different brand of difficulty. I wish Samsung would have stood up to big red, but sadly that isn’t the case. In better Verizon news they also released their HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE. Make sure to check out our full review of that impressive budget offering.

The Motorola Atrix HD was leaked for AT&T, Motorola’s XYBOARD tablets also received a leak of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and the impressive new zombie shooter Dead Trigger was released to the Play Store. Hit all the links below for additional news and coverage from all things Android this week. We hope you had a great 4th of July and enjoy the rest of your weekend!