This week was clearly the week of updates for Android devices across all carriers and manufacturers. The Droid X got the much anticipated, although a bit buggy, Froyo 2.2 Upgrade, while other manufacturers were pushing out general updates for their devices. Google’s CEO commented on requiring device makers to have a fresh, non-customized option of Android ready to download if the end-user so chooses. And finally the T-Mobile G2 made was available for pre-order.


The following Updates were released this week:

  • EVO 4G receives updateFramerate cap removed
    • The framerate cap that was apparently “not fixable via software update” was fixed… via software update. On the updated EVO 4G you can now output video over 30fps and the cap no longer applies to video on the device as well.
  • Nexus One gets Froyo 2.2.1
    • Google’s own Nexus One got an update that most likely fixed some bug’s and broke root. However, the update also interfered with the devices ability to use 3rd party keyboards, Swipe, a popular typing keyboard, has been confirmed to be bugged with this update as well as Swiftkey.
  • Samsung Captivate gets a GPS update
    • This over-the-air update was pushed to users to fix the Captivate’s GPS performance, media scanning time, adding the full version of Quickoffice, and addressed an issue with the Microsoft Exchange 2003 policy.
  • Not an update, but word on an update from T-Mobile UK, the Samsung Galaxy S 2.2 update has been confirmed to be released by the end of this month
    • From the T-Mobile UK forums we were given word that the update to Froyo on their lineup of Samsung Galaxy S devices will be released towards the end of the month via Samsung’s PC only Kies software
  • And finally, the most anticipated software update for Verizon users was released, the Droid X received 2.2.


    Updates aside, the much anticipated T-Mobile G2 was available for pre-order this week. To only existing customers and employees, eager enthusiasts were directed to the T-Mobile site to place their pre-orders. The official price of the on contract G2 was pegged at $199.99 and delivery is expected to take place by October 6th. No word yet on how many pre-orders were made available, or how many have been placed, but if you’re still looking for a new T-Mobile Device the solid G2 is definitely one of your best options.

    And finally, Google’s CEO this week was presented with the question wondering if they have plans on making Android Phone manufacturers give an option to the end-user to offer a clean, non-modified version of Android along with their customized options. This would leave the ultimate decision up to the user which a lot of people think is a great idea. Google, not so much.

    In a quote from the event:

    “if we were to put those type of restrictions on an open source product, we’d be violating the principle of open source.”

    So we are left with using the manufactures version of Android, or adding a ROM that better suits our personal taste.