Android Auto 2018

The platform has been out since 2014 and we know Android Auto is updated regularly. We don’t use the platform much but we care about its progress. Google started by gathering possible 3rd party app UI for Android Auto before. It did not lock down Android and we noted how it would come to TVs and cars in the near future. The system is able to support audio and messaging apps and does many more. A number of car brands have been integrated with Android Auto, providing a smarter dashboard for the modern drivers.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Android Auto gave users access to their full contacts list. Android Auto Wireless is now supported on the Nexus 6P and 5X and the Google Pixel while some phones can now respond to the ‘swipe to unlock’ feature on Android Auto.

This time, Android Auto will receive some changes on the in-car smartphone projection system. Android Auto will look better with new UIs for smarter messaging and for the 3rd-party apps. With Android Auto, you can enjoy some of the more popular and more useful apps while inside your caps. Of course, there are still limits and you need to follow precautionary measures because you’re driving most of the time.

Android Auto is being updated with a new user interface that is expected to look easier to understand and navigate. We don’t have many details about the new UI but we know it will be changed for the better. Android Auto also brings improved messaging. This includes support for RCS and group messaging plus Google Assistant integration. You can dictate messages and take advantage of the text-to-speech feature.

On a related note, Google collaborated with Volvo to introduce an Android-based infotainment platform. This will make the latest Volvo cars to have the Google Assistant and the Google Play Store pre-installed.

VIA: SlashGear