Android Auto Wireless

Android Auto support will only expand and get updated until the next version comes along. Some other services and products have been integrated with Android Auto but it’s only now that we’re learning about wireless support. Yes, Android Auto Wireless is officially available. This means you can connect and start using the system on your car’s dashboard display without having to physically connect or plug your smartphone.

Not all head units will be able to support Android Auto wireless but the first models that can are those from Kenwood and JVC. More devices will receive the same support this 2018 so watch out for related announcements.

At the moment, Android Auto wireless connectivity is support on the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and the Google Pixel in North America, at least, for now. More regions will receive the same support. If you live outside the continent, don’t’ worry because it’s coming very soon.

With Android Auto, you can use your favorite and most useful apps from the phone on your car display. We’re not talking about games but useful drivings apps like Waze, Google Maps, and the like. You can also check your text messages or email while in traffic or set your music playlist.

Supported devices are those running at least Android 5.0 Lollipop. A car mount and USB cable are optional. Just download the Android Auto app and you’re good to go.

VIA: Android Auto User Community

SOURCE: Android Auto Help


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