The last update we noted for the Android Auto was a big one. The mobile app version has received Play Store access, a new UI, and the Google Assistant. It mainly allows your smartphone to work as a digital dashboard with the help of the Android Auto platform. If you don’t own a vehicle with supported Android Auto interface, you can choose to use your phone. What it does is actually project your Android Auto experience onto a compatibility head unit. It can be wireless or wired, depending on the model and make of your car.

You can choose to just use your smartphone for Android Auto while driving. Just mount the phone in front of you using some docking accessory. There’s only one caveat though–the small display.

The past few months, we’ve seen important updates including the ability to access full contacts list and WiFi support. This time, new built-in features are being added like the Google Play Music, dialer app, and Google Maps. Update your notifications with the Notification Listener service.

Also added recently is the minimize app button so you can go to the regular home screen faster. This is ideal for apps that aren’t Android Auto-compatible yet. The minimize button allows you to do whatever actions but while still running Android Auto.

Android Auto version 3.3.582064 has this feature so it should be ready for most users soon. You can check the Google Play Store manually or just wait for the update.

Download Android Auto from the Google Play Store


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