With the release of Android Oreo, we were told that the Android team will get rid of the blob emojis. We already said goodbye to the blob on World Emoji Day last month but don’t worry, the new Android Oreo still has emoji. Google actually redesigned every single emoji and added new ones including the Orange Heart, Breastfeeding, Vomit Face, and T-Rex. If you’re frequent user of the emojis, you’ll notice the changes and the new emojis.

Android Oreo now supports Emoji 5.0. This includes the UN Flag and 69 new emojis including the ‘shhh’ face, zombies, and beardad man. Skin tones for the human emojis are also included. All of these emojis have been approved by Unicode already and Oreo supports every emoji sans the blobs.

The UN flag plus newflags for England, Scotland and Wales are included in Emoji 5.0 on Android Oreo which is actually a first on Android. You’ll notice the smileys and some “makeovers” on the human emojis as well.  It’s grossly cute but believe it or not, Emojipedia said they’ve been receiving requests for the vomiting emoji so it’s been added to the Emoji for Android 8.0. It’s that aqua and green colored smiley with green vomit.

Check out all new Android 8.0 Emoji HERE.

VIA: Emojipedia


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