Okay don’t panic just yet if you’re a fan of the Android blob emojis. They’re not officially gone just yet, but some folks over at Google thought of writing an ode to the blob, since they will soon be replaced by the regular looking emojis that the rest of the world have been using. Because it’s World Emoji Day, they decided to have a bit of fun and put as many blob puns as they can and then make an announcement that the blob will live on, at least in Google Allo.

Depending on your sense of humor, you’ll either find the blob letter, we mean, the love letter to the blob either super corny or super punny. With things like, “you lost that blobbin’ feeling” to “I’ve had the blob of my life”, Google did try their best to say goodbye in the lightest way possible. Android users are either super excited to see normal emojis (well, as normal as they can get) when Android O finally launches later this year, or they’re really sad to see the distinctive blobs go.

But if you’re of the latter persuasion, the good news is that you’ll still see the rounded emojis on Google Allo. A sticker pack featuring these very Android specific emojis is now available and you can still use them even after your device becomes Oreo-fied or whatever O will eventually be revealed to be. You can send blobby stickers to your friends if you’re feeling nostalgic.

But if you wanna see the bloberful way that Google said goodbye, click on the source link and blob your way through the letter. Get the sticker pack for free on Allo as well (well, if you have Allo that is).

SOURCE: Google