The Axon 7 is currently ZTE’s bestseller. We’ve been waiting for the Nougat update but we were told it would be delayed a bit. The good news is that it would be out within Q1. True enough, the Nougat for the Axon 7 is now ready together with Daydream. This ZTE flagship phone has been the talk of gadget town since it was introduced because it offers great value for money.

With Android Nougat update coming to the Axon 7, this means numerous enhancements and features can now be enjoyed on the device including better battery management, multi-tasking by running two apps side-by-side, new emojis for self-expression, and Daydrem which brings a different audio and visual VR experience.

Most smartphones today already have caller ID but ZTE has partnered with Hiya to add call blocking, spam detection, and caller identification. The service is free and is very useful especially if you are in the US with the integrated caller ID service.

ZTE opened the Android 7.0 preview application for Axon 7 users December last year soon after the 128GB variant of the phone was introduced. Google’s new Daydream platform is said to be a game-changer as it offers high quality mobile and immersive VR experience. Not all phones are Daydream-ready but this ZTE Axon 7 is one of the first devices to support such.