If you own the ZTE Axon 7 smartphone, then chances are you’re probably waiting for the official announcement of when it will receive the Android 7.0 update. Well the OEM has made an announcement, but it’s technically not what you’re waiting for. What they did say is that they are opening up the preview version of the major Google update before it launches to everyone else, and you need to sign up ASAP since slots are limited.

This isn’t just any beta version of Nougat, but it seems like a rigorous screening process for those who would want to experience it on their Axon 7. You would have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and you will also need to complete and submit all the assigned tasks and surveys on time. You will also have to provide a detailed bug report or feature request, if the folks at ZTE ask for it.

Obviously, because of the last item, you would need to have some sort of coding talent in order to join this. Plus, you need to have an account with the ZTE Z-Community to participate in the Nougat Preview, but that is simple enough as you just need to sign up. You will also need to backup the information on your device as there may be some loss of personal data when you upgrade. You also won’t be able to rollback to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Once the team has been selected, ZTE will inform you whether or not you will be included in the Preview Testing. There are only limited slots so don’t hold your breath anytime soon.



  1. Why do you limit your links to back to yourself? A link to where in ZTE one goes to apply would have made this article useful. Must all your clickable links be incestuous?


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