If the rumors play out as we are expecting, Google will be announcing the Nexus 5 and offering some additional details on Android 4.4 soon enough. Recent chatter suggests Google has an announcement planned for October 14th, but as we always see in these types of situations — the leaks and rumors begin running in overdrive prior to the announcement. A few weeks earlier we saw mention of Android 4.4 having been spotted as build KRS74D and judging from this latest leak, Google has had a few updates since.

This latest Kit Kat mention comes by way of myce.com who have reportedly gotten their hands on some screenshots and log files. There does seem to be some reason to be skeptical here, however they are showing these as being from Android 4.4 Kit Kat with build number KRS74H. In addition to the build number, these log files also have a mention of the Nexus 5.

While those details seem to follow the patterns we would expect, there are still some slightly more curious aspects to this leak. These logs seem to be referencing Key Lime Pie, which as we learned a few weeks earlier — is not going to be the name of Android 4.4 when it officially arrives. And in addition to the slightly out of date KLP mention, there was also at least one reference to the Nexus 4 in these files.


Shifting back to some details that we can connect to earlier leaks and we see reference to hammerhead. This codename was seen in these logs and those looking back to earlier in the month will likely remember the connection here. A handset leaked earlier in the month with mention of hammerhead and a model number of LG D820. Details at that time point towards this being the Nexus 5 and this latest leak just adds a bit more credibility.

Otherwise, aside from mentions of build numbers, code names and handset model numbers — these files also revealed the handset should support wireless charging and have a variety of sensors to include Magnetometer, Gyroscope, Barometer, Game Rotation Vector, Motion detector and Step detector. That all being said, while this leak didn’t reveal a wealth of new information, it did connect some of the earlier pieces and in the meantime, we are going to keep looking towards mid-October for a possible announcement.