It’s been over four months since an update came in for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus, which is still running Android 4.0.2 while version 4.0.4 sits on the open source repository. Or at least most of Verizon’s Nexus units are: more than a few have rooted and are running custom ROMs, and this morning a few lucky customers received the genuine article in an over-the-air download. It looks like the 4.0.4 rollout on Verizon might finally be beginning in earnest.

The 30MB update brings in a few changes, most notably an updated radio to help with the low signal blues experienced by many Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners (including your truly). A few visual tweaks were added as well, including some quick volume toggles on the power menu. The standard speed tweaks and bug fixes accompany tweaked auto-brightness, slightly faster camera performance and an updated News & Weather widget.

Verizon customers should check their settings menu for a manual update if you’re running stock software. We don’t know how widespread the update is or if it’s a regional rollout, so don’t be surprised if you get the same old same old. Impatient types who are comfortable with some easy mods can install the leaked version of the official 4.0.4 build, though at this point we can’t verify if it’s exactly the same. Let us know in the comments if you’ve got the update, and if you’d like to help your fellow readers, post your city and state as well.

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