Amazon’s Fire TV Devices have started receiving a new update that will bring with it some new features. The update will add app recommendations, video quality, data alert, and data usage options to the devices. The data features will be sure to bring more flexibility and versatility for Amazon to cater to your video and media needs.

The big feature in this update – which bumps Fire TV devices to software version – are mostly the data features, including data monitoring, video quality settings, and data alerts. These features will allow you to see how much data is being used by different apps and services on your Fire TV device.

You can now also adjust how much data is consumed by video apps by changing the video quality, and asking to be alerted when you’ve consumed your monthly data allotment. The update also brings other new features like PIN protection for the Prime Photos apps and a new “Recommended by Your Apps” category on the home screen.

To grab this update, just navigate to the Settings menu and check for an update. The software rollout should be reaching users at any time this week, so a notification will probably appear. Just the same, you can also manually trigger the update if you want.

SOURCE: Amazon