ITV video streaming now available on Amazon Fire TV

Because you can never have too many video streaming services on your devices, British broadcaster ITV recently announced that they now have an ITV Player app available for Amazon Fire TV. This means that owners of the set-top box will be able to have access to all the channels and shows that are being shown on the ITV networks in the UK. And the best part is that you can watch only the shows you want to and at your own convenience as well.

Amazon bans Google Chromecast, Apple TV from their listings

Amazon has just announced that it will stop selling Google Chromecast and Apple TV products from their massive online retail store for the reason that these are not easily compatible with their video streaming service, Amazon Prime Video. Amazon made the announcement following the recent refresh of both Google and Apple’s products, prompting tech pundits to ask if Amazon just became insecure of the improving features of these two media streaming devices.

Halfbrick games now ready for download on Amazon Underground

Aside from Free App of the Day Bundles where premium apps and games are offered for free download for a limited period of time, Amazon also has the Underground as a well-packaged Amazon Appstore. With the Amazon Underground, you can enjoy more games for free. This time, more games developed by Halfbrick Studios have been added to the list. This means more games, more fun, and probably more time wasted.

Amazon Fire HD 10: Largest, thinnest but not Bezos’ best

Finally, we got our hands on the new Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet. It's the thinnest tablet from the e-commerce company so far that we're actually interested to know how soon this baby will go out of stock. You see, the price of a little over $200 makes it one attractive piece, at least, for the Android community who's now getting spoiled with affordable devices but already with good enough specs.

Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Amazon Prime Video arrive in Japan

In Asia, one of the geekiest countries getting all the cool tech stuff first is Japan. Of course, that's not surprising because the Land of the Rising Sun is very advanced especially in technology and robotics. It's no wonder that gadgets and services from the West are heading towards the country before they roll out in other parts of the region.

New Amazon Fire TV gets 4K, microSD, Alexa, game controller

It's a big day for Amazon, no doubt about that. A new dirt cheap Fire tablet and Its first ever 10-inch tablet. Rounding up the new devices is none other than Amazon's living room experience. While you may still be on the fence whether Amazon Echo even make sense there, Amazon is offering a new way to meet and greet Alexa. A new Fire TV box is coming to stores and it boasts of 4K resolutions. But in addition to that and a revamped game controller, Amazon also has a dedicated remote controller for voice input too.

Amazon’s new Fire: a $50 tablet, comes with a Kids Edition

Looks like the rumors for once again spot on. Amazon has just unleashed a flood of new devices, which included its largest Fire tablet yet. Along with that, however, is also its cheapest. Undercutting even its own Kindle e-readers, the new Fire, no HD here, is the rumored $50 tablet, probably the cheapest to come from a reputable brand. But wait, there's more! There's also a Fire Kids Edition that adds some peace of mind for parents with ruggedness and child-friendly content, but at double the price.

New Fire HD generation has Amazon’s biggest tablet yet

Amazon is once again turning heads, but this time probably in a better way than its ill-fated Fire Phone. It has a new batch of Android-based Fire HD tablets but now they come with a twist. For the first time, the Fire HD is getting an 8-inch member of the family, but it is not the biggest yet. For the first time as well, Amazon is putting out a 10.1-inch slate, almost literally stretching its customized Android experience to the limits, but without stretching your budget.

Amazon Fire phone out of stock–it’s the end of an era…

Amazon is rumored to be releasing a $50 tablet. That would probably be one of the cheapest in the market when it arrives but we're expecting specs won't be as high. That's fine because a tablet of that size, 6-inches, is good enough for web browsing, simple mobile games, and access to social networks. The company isn't leaving the hardware business but unfortunately, it will have to give up the Fire Phone.
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